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Races are won or lost at the starting line, so make sure you come out ahead with a High Performance Turbo 350 or Turbo 400 Torque Converter. Whether you are looking for a street, strip, racing, or just plain heavy duty converter, these units will deliver lasting performance in your GM TH350 or TH400. With features like welded internals, oversized bearings, and hardened hubs, you can rest assured that these torque converters are of the highest quality possible. Made in the U.S.A.

3200-3500 stall - 10" diameter
1968-'81 GM Turbo 350 or Turbo 400 - 10-3/4" bolt circle

All stall ranges will vary depending on the engine setup, vehicle weight, and gear ratios.

Note: These converters will work with TH400 transmissions only if a dual bolt pattern flywheel is used.


All advertised stall ranges will vary depending on your engine's setup and the weight of your vehicle. If your car is heavier than the recommendation, the stall speed will be higher. If the car is lighter, stall speed will be at a lower RPM.

Hardened Hub
Increased durability through the allowance of tighter tolerances and clean fit with transmission seals

Welded Impeller
Stronger pump fins to maintain stall speed over the life of the converter

Heavy-Duty Stators
Heat treated fins, sprag and race designed to efficiently handle high power loads
Stator fins are formed, not cut - cut stators can cause severe slippage
Rapidly dissipates heat - more power to the wheels

Welded Turbines
Pre-stressed before welding - more rigid construction
Heat treated splines

Aluminum Spacers
Incorporates aircraft quality aluminum spacers which handle higher loads than fiber spacers found in standard converters

Oversized Bearings
High strength stamped bearings absorb shock and extreme abuse better than standard waffle bearings

High Tech Welds
Positive-charged, military grade MIG welds for complete fusion of the metal

Item Details
Modified S/B or B/B cars with single or dual plane intake, weighing 2800-3200 lbs, cam adv lift over .500" with 3.73-4.56 gears
These make use of 3/8-16"" bolts.