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Hemi 440 Steel Billet Crankshaft 4.100 Stroke

SKU: PCE276.1006

PCE 4340 Billet Steel crankshafts are manufactured from high quality true billet round bar stock. Their performance, strength and horsepower capabilities are significantly outstanding compared to cast forged crankshafts. An engine with a 4340 billet steel crankshaft will rev faster and cleaner due to the different harmonics produced from the high grade material. Those crankshaft are x-rayed and ultrasonically tested.


Part Number:PCE276.1006
Part Type:Crankshafts
Rear Main Seal Style:2-piece
Engine Stroke (in):4.100 in.
Crankshaft Material:Billet 4340 steel
Engine Balance:Internal
Requires Narrow Bearings:See notes below
Rod Bearings Included:No
Main Bearings Included:No
Rod Journal Diameter (in):2.375 in.
Main Journal Diameter (in):2.750 in.
Minimun Rod Length (in):n/a
Balancer Bolt Thread Size:Standard
Crankshaft Snout Style:Standard
Quantity:Sold individually.
Notes:Check the bearing to crank radius clearance. Rod bearings may need to be chamfered or alternatively use narrow rod bearings.
Tool:Stroker Combinations