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Ford 9" Long Case 35 Spline 3.25 Ratio 1350 Yoke Diff Centre Third Member

SKU: PCE215.2004

CASE: The aluminium available today is vastly different from that of years past. Technology has made aluminium products stronger and more durable. Knowing this, we at Traction Drive Systems decided to have an aluminium Ford 9" dropout case built. You may say to yourself, "That's nothing new, other companies have been making them for years," and that's true; but as in every Speedmaster Traction Drive Systems product, we look closely at what's out in the marketplace and how it can be improved. Our aluminium cases are made from A356-T6 aluminium, our bearing caps are one-piece billet, with a through bolt design and extra material is added to the bearing caps and extended nose design allows for reduced pinion deflection which extends bearing and gear life. This results in 50% less deflection that can occur with other units on the market. These cases are offered in 3.250" bearing diameter to accommodate 28, 31 with the use of PCE207.1002 and 35-spline carriers and spools. These extras truly make this Aluminium case the ultimate Ford 9" case, rated to 1200 horse power. All Traction Drive System Extended Nose Aluminium third members come with 12 point through bolts and a Daytona style pinion support, which gives us an advantage over our competition. The TORQUE WORM is a torque biasing 6 pinion gear type Limited slip unit. This is a preloaded unit allowing for a faster Reacting unit. Unlike our competitors that only use 3 or 4 pinion gears. Which retail for over $795 e.g. (Eaton Tru-Trac & Torson T2) The use of 6 pinion gears means the stress on gears is spread over a grater surface area; reducing the load on all internal Components. The internal components are made from EN36 Material as used in racing such as V8 SUPERCAR. The outer cases made from 8620 Chrome-Nickel-Moly Steel and the case hardened for long life and improved strength. The TORQUE WORM unit is available in 28, 31 & 35 spline Counts. The GEARSETS used are HI-PERFORMANCE 8620 Chrome-Nickel-Moly Steel. CNC machined from high quality forgings to our exacting specifications and then heat treated to obtain high impact and durability. Then lapped to allow for correct tooth contact and smoothness and for use in the performance market. The 8620 Gearset has proven itself in all forms of motorsport over the past 30 years Ratios available 3.25, 3.5, 3.7, 3.89 and 4.11 other ratios on request. YOKE: Speedmaster TDS Billet yokes are a long style unit fully CNC machined to our specifications. Differential Yokes are available in sizes of 1310, 1330 and 1350 ASSEMBLY: Assembly has been carried out by the TDS Head differential technician. Quality is assured with 40 years experience in the Differential Repair Industry and full involvement in all forms of motorsport from V8 SUPERCAR To Group 1 Drag Racing. Our Technician is on hand to discuss your differential requirements, questions and upgraades. NOTE: These 3rd members are to be used with a mineral based oil of a range of EP140 Extreme pressure at a minimum, NO split grades eg. 85/140 (These are not recommended), failure to use the correct oil can result in gear damage, noise and may void your warranty.


Part Number: PCE215.1004
Part Type:Third Member Complete Assembly
Product Line:35-Spline
Series:Sportsman Series
Case Style:Ford 9"
Case Material:Aluminum
Main Cap Material:Aluminum
Main Cap Retention Style:Bolt
Carrier Bearing Diameter (in):3.250 in.
Pinion Support Bolt Quantity: 5
Standard Pinion Location: Yes
Ring Gear Load Bolt: No
Ring and Pinion Included: Yes
Ring and Pinion Ratio: 3.25:1
Yoke Included: Yes
Yoke Style: 1350 Series
Bearings Included: Yes
Carrier Type: Torque Worm LSD
Quantity:Sold individually.
Notes:Rated at 1000HP
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