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  • Ford 429 460 4340 Forged Crankshaft ST-4.140 M-3.000 RJ-2.2

Ford 429 460 4340 Forged Crankshaft ST-4.140 M-3.000 RJ-2.2

SKU: PCE276.1127


Brand:Procomp Electronics
Part Number: PCE276.1066
Part Type:Crankshafts
Rear Main Seal Style:Standard
Engine Stroke (in):4.140 in.
Crankshaft Material:Forged 4340 Steel
Engine Balance:Internal
Requires Narrow Bearings: See notes below
Rod Bearings Included: No
Main Bearings Included: No
Rod Journal Diameter (in): 2.200 in.
Main Journal Diameter (in): 3.000 in.
Minimun Rod Length (in): 6.700 in.
Balancer Bolt Thread Size: Standard
Crankshaft Snout Style: Standard
Quantity:Sold individually.
Notes:Check the bearing to crank radius clearance. Rod bearings may need to be chamfered or alternatively use narrow rod bearings.
Tool:Stroker Combinations

Procomp Electronics forged standard weight crankshafts are designed for street or race engines with substantially increased horsepower. Procomp Electronics crankshafts are precision-ground, heat-treated, shot-peened, inspected, and micro-polished for superior tolerance control. Procomp Electronics crankshafts are also nitride-hardened for superior wear resistance, have straight-shot and chamfered oil holes, and feature lightening holes in all rod throws. These crankshafts also have a large radius on all journals for improved strength and wear resistance.