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  • Ford 302 Windsor 5.0L EFI Ready to Run Electronic Distributor (Vacuum) - Red Cap

Ford 302 Windsor 5.0L EFI Ready to Run Electronic Distributor (Vacuum) - Red Cap

SKU: PCE376.1082

PCE 7000 Series Cast Body Ready-to-Run distributors are the perfect upgrade for your outdated and worn out stock distributor. All that is required to install one of these distributors is to hook up two wires and you are Ready-to-Run! A maintenance free magnetic pick up inside the distributor is used to trigger a state of the art ignition module under the chrome cover. The increased output of this self contained ignition easily outperforms stock ignitions and helps to smooth out the power-band from idle to high RPM. For stability and endurance, an oversize steel shaft spins in a top mounted sealed bearing while an extra-long sentried bushing guides the shaft at the bottom of the housing. To increase gas mileage, we included a vacuum advance assembly, and you can tailor the mechanical advance curve to suit your engine. For excellent street performance, the 7000 Series Cast Ready-to-Run distributor is the best choice!


Part Number:PCE376.1082
Part Type:Distributors
Product Line:7000 Series
Computer-Controlled Compatible:No
Trigger Style:Hall effect
Advance Type:Vacuum and mechanical
Cap Style:Male/HEI
Mechanical Tach Drive:No
Slip Collar:No
Gear Material:Steel
Ignition Box Required:No
Distributor Gear Rotation:Standard
Distributor Cap Color:Red
Housing Material:Aluminum
Housing Finish:CNC Machined
Marine Use:No
Quantity:Sold individually.
Notes:Includes Distributor and Internal Ignition all you will need is a Coil.