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Ford 302 351C Cleveland 235cc 68cc CNC Solid-FT Complete Aluminum Cylinder Heads

SKU: PCE281.2061


Part Number: PCE281.1061
Part Type:Cylinder Heads
Cylinder Head Style:Assembled
Cylinder Head Material:Aluminum
Cylinder Head Finish:Natural
Combustion Chamber Volume (cc):68 cc
CNC-Machined Combustion Chamber:Yes
Intake Runner Volume (cc): 235 cc
Exhaust Runner Volume (cc): n/a
CNC-Machined Intake Runner: Yes
CNC-Machined Exhaust Runner: Yes
Intake Port Shape: Rectangular
Intake Port Location: Standard 3V (4v with tongues)
Exhaust Port Shape: Rectangular
Exhaust Port Location: Raised
Spark Plug Style: Standard
Comp. Valve Job: No
Intake Valves Included: Yes
Intake Valve Diameter (in): 2.190 in.
Exhaust Valves Included: Yes
Exhaust Valve Diameter (in): 1.710 in.
Valve Springs Included: Yes
Maximum Valve Lift (in):0.580 in.
Outside Diameter of Outer Spring (in):1.450 in.
Damper Spring Included:Yes
Number of Springs Per Valve:Dual
Retainers Included:Yes
Retainer Material:Chromoly steel
Locks Included:Yes
Lock Style:10 degree
Valve Stem Seals Included:Yes
Valve Stem Seal Style:Positive stop
Rocker Arm Studs Included: No
Rocker Arms Included: No
Rocker Arm Nuts Included: No
Guideplates Included: No
Valve Cover Mounting Style: Perimeter Bolt
Accessory Bolt Holes Drilled: Yes
Intake Valve Angle: Standard
Exhaust Valve Angle: Standard
Valve Guides Included: Yes
Valve Guide Material: Bronze
Valve Seats Machined: Yes
Valve Seat Machine Style: 3-angle
Valve Seat Material: Ductile iron
Steam Holes Drilled: No
Oiling Style: Through pushrod
Machined for O-Ring: No
Heat Crossover: No
Quantity:Sold as a pair.
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Assembly Specifications

Max Lift: .580
Coil Bind: .740
Intake Install: 130lbs @ 1.8
Exhaust Install: 130lbs @ 1.8
Closed Sear Pressure: 125lbs
Open Seat Pressure: 320lbs

The Speedmaster Ford Cleveland 3v heads are a perfect upgrade for both 2 and 4 barrel engines. We have re-designed the intake ports by raising the floor to help cut down on the massive cross-section that hampers OEM 4 barrel heads. Not only do you get more performance out of the box than OEM heads, our heads are significantly lighter since they are made of Gravity Die Cast aluminum. As another benefit, you can run higher compression with aluminum heads before the onset of power robbing detonation. There is absolutely no reason to rebuild a set of OEM castings when you can buy a lighter, higher flowing and more detonation resistant cylinder head for less money from us!

To top it all off, we offer CNC ported Cleveland heads for people looking for even more performance.

Due to the unique raised port of the Speedmaster 3v head, the only intake gaskets readily available are Speedmaster SM3282 which measure 1.73(W) x 2.140(T) with the floor of the port 1.220 up from the deck of the head.

The exhaust side of the head uses standard 4v exhaust gaskets. You can use Speedmaster SM3274 or Fel-Pro 1416 header gaskets which measure 1.89 (W) x 2.19 (T).

The Speedmaster PCE281.1703, PCE281.1714, PCE281.1724 and PCE281.1726 cylinder heads use the following head gaskets for use with 351C block:

Speedmaster PCE348.1005 (MLS 4.055 gasket bore)
Fel-Pro 1013 (Composite 4.100 gasket bore)

Both gaskets are .040 thickness when compressed.

The Speedmaster Cleveland 3v heads require specific head studs that are longer than standard.

Use Speedmaster PCE279.1014.
These studs should only be finger tightened into the block. Torque the nuts to 65lbs. using high pressure moly lube, in increments of 15lbs.

Our Ford Cleveland cylinder heads require the use of a 14mm. thread 5/8 hex, .750 reach spark plugs. Below you will find a list of some plugs that fit and work with our heads:

NGK - BCPR6ES, R5671A-7, R5671A-8
Autolite - 3923, 3924, AR3933, AR3934
Champion - RC12YC, RC10YC4, RC9YC3

Remember that you need a COLDER plug when you make more power, ie. N2O, Turbo and supercharging.