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Chevy SBC 350 Steel Elastic Balancer

SKU: PCE291.1035


Brand:Procomp Electronics
Part Number: PCE291.1035
Part Type:Harmonic Balancers
Product Line:Race Series
Engine Balance:Internal
Safety Rating:Not SFI-approved
Degree Markings:Yes
Degree Marking Range:50 BTDC to 10 ATDC
Outside Diameter (in):8.000 in.
Harmonic Balancer Material: Steel
Harmonic Balancer Construction: Elastomer
Harmonic Balancer Finish: Black painted
Mounting Hardware Included: No
Quantity:Sold individually.

Procomp Electronics K1045 steel enclosed elastic dampers are tested to 12,500 RPM for explosion proof racing application. The "S" shape gap between inner and outer ring is press inserted with sulfated elastic rubber to ensure the damper will not disintegrate under any circumstance. All dampers are tested to withstand 15 tons press force without separation or deterioration.

This damper is internal balanced; the term internal balanced damperrefers to the lack of any built in weight or offset in the casting. When identifying your existing damper, (balancer) you must look on the backside.This is notvisibleif the damper ismounted on the engine.If your damper has no offset in the casting or weight, then you have an internal, (neutral)style damper. If you do see the offset in the casting or a weight, you have what is classified as an external damper. They are perfectly balanced, hence the term neutral.