SKU: PCE249.1021

PCE camshafts are built to take advantage of the latest cam technology, to provide maximum performance. Whether your use is off-roading, towing, or street performance, there is a PCE cam available for you. By using an aggressive lobe profile, these cams provide better throttle response and more top-end horsepower than equivalent cams from other manufacturers, while delivering increased engine vacuum.


Part Number:PCE249.1021
Part Type:Camshafts
Cam Style:Hydraulic roller tappet
Basic Operating RPM Range:2,500-6,000
Intake Duration at 050 inch Lift:236
Exhaust Duration at 050 inch Lift:242
Duration at 050 inch Lift:236 int./242 exh.
Advertised Intake Duration:288
Advertised Exhaust Duration:294
Advertised Duration:288 int./294 exh.
Intake Valve Lift with Factory
Rocker Arm Ratio:
0.540 in.
Exhaust Valve Lift with Factory
Rocker Arm Ratio:
0.520 in.
Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio:0.540 int./0.520 exh.
Lobe Separation (degrees):110
Computer-Controlled Compatible:No
Valve Springs Required:No
Quantity:Sold individually.
Notes:Retro Fit. Designed for early non-roller blocks. Rough Idle
Recommended Application:Street/ Strip, 9:1 Compression, Intake, Headers, 2800 Stall, 3.73 Gears. Rough Idle