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Accel Super Stock 4000 Series 8mm AMC GM V8 Spark Plug Wires

SKU: BDDP-4043

ACCEL's SuperStock 4000 series spark plug wire sets are designed to upgrade an OE ignition system for high-spark delivery levels for street driven applications. The 450 degree F rated silicone jacket is extruded over a tightly woven, rugged fiberglass braid. The braid is applied over high dielectric strength EPDM inner insulation for ignition wire performance that exceeds SAE specifications.

Features include:

* 8mm yellow, red, black, and blue silicone jackets
* Street-driven applications
* Orange and color-matched blue, red, and black silicone spark plug boots
* Pre and post-HEI vehicles
* Custom-fit, universal, and import


Part Number:ACC-4043
Part Type: Spark Plug Wire Sets
Diameter (mm):8.00mm
RFI Suppression:Yes
Wire Color:Yellow
Distributor Terminal Ends:Female/Socket
Distributor Boot Color:Black
Distributor Boot Material:Silicone
Spark Plug Boot Ends:Stock
Spark Plug Boot Color:Orange
Spark Plug Boot Material:Silicone
Coil Wire Included:Yes
Conductor Style:Spiral core
Quantity:Sold as a set.