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2 Step Afterburner Coil for racecars.

You don't have to compromise on a coil that is designed to work best either on the street or at the track.

Now you can have it all with these ACCEL Afterburner switchable coils.

In normal mode, ACCEL Afterburner switchable coils boost low-rpm performance by maximizing current output.

They also produce longer arch duration times to improve burn efficiency, resulting in enhanced throttle response, improved economy, and reduced emissions.

This makes them perfect for street use, or when the engine is under high load at lower rpms, such as when towing a trailer.

In the switched or high-rpm mode, ACCEL Afterburner switchable coils boost high-rpm performance by producing higher voltage levels.

This will better fire the mixture under high-cylinder pressure conditions, such as when running nitrous or under boost, to reduce the risk of misfires and maximize the power potential.

So, they're also perfect for use at the track, or under maximum-rpm power loading.

Ideal for use with capacitive discharge (CD) ignition systems and all of Procomp range of High Output Ignitions

They can also be used with Mallory Hyfire, Crane HI-6, MSD 7, and MSD 8 systems.

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