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  • 950 CFM Full Billet 4-Bbl Mechanical Sec Double Pumper Race Bred Carburetor 2C

950 CFM Full Billet 4-Bbl Mechanical Sec Double Pumper Race Bred Carburetor 2C

SKU: PCE121.1013


Brand:Procomp Electronics
Part Number: PCE121.1013
Part Type:Carburetors
Number of Barrels:4
Carburetor Flange:4150
Secondary Type:Mechanical
CFM: 950
Fuel Inlet: Dual
Carburetor Finish: Red anodized & Chrome
Ford Kickdown: No
Throttle Linkage Type: Universal
Quantity:Sold individually.
Calculator:CFM Calculator
Notes:2 circuit metering block

The Procomp Electronics billet carburetor is the most powerful and responsive carburetor of its size. Every angle of throttle position is adjustable. Every effort to improve performance and simplify carburetor design was made. The carburetors billet design allows for custom sizes and lighter weight. This carburetor flows 950 CFM at 20" of water. Venturii diameter is 1.585". Its recommended for engines of 550 to 850+ HP. The billet design has improved booster signal by 50%, reducing manifold wetting by surrounding; the fuel being distributed by the booster with a layer of air to keep fuel off of the walls. Billet Outlaw carburetor has fuel emulsion technology incorporated into the metering blocks: to reduce droplets to previously unattainable size. The Race Bred Outlaw is by far the best value for the dollar in the carburetor market today. Designed for high output street engines and for race engines


Billet aluminum metering blocks with changeable emulsion bleeds and idle feed restrictors.
Power valve restrictors allow for Infinite tuning and tailoring to any Engine.
Large glass sight windows for quick fuel level adjustments.
Billet aluminum base plate for strength and durability.
Dual adjustable accelerator pumps.
Stainless steel throttle plates.
Changeable emulsion jets.
Progressive secondaries.
Calibrated for gasoline.
Idle feed restrictors.
Screw in air bleeds.
Down leg boosters.
Dual fuel inlets.
4 corner idle.

Methanol fuel model optional.