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  • 600 CFM Zinc-Chrome 4-Bbl Vacuum Secondary Carburetor Carb 7/8-20 Inlet

600 CFM Zinc-Chrome 4-Bbl Vacuum Secondary Carburetor Carb 7/8-20 Inlet

SKU: PCE121.1023


Brand:Procomp Electronics
Part Number: PCE121.1023
Part Type:Carburetors
Number of Barrels:4
Carburetor Flange:Square bore
Secondary Type:Vacuum
CFM: 600
Fuel Inlet: Dual
Carburetor Finish: Dichromate
Ford Kickdown: No
Throttle Linkage Type: Universal
Quantity:Sold individually.
Calculator:CFM Calculator

Procomp Electronics 600cfm 4-barrel carburetors are designed for a variety of configurations for street, strip, and track performance. Developed on dyno runs, racers and street heroes alike, Procomp Electronics has taken their carburetors to the next level and set a standard for performance and reliability thats hard to beat

This is a vacuum secondary version: Vacuum secondaries are activated by venturii velocity thought the primary venturii and further aided by secondary venturii velocity. Engine/manifold vacuum is not related and has no effect on the operation of the carburetors secondary system.


Cast aluminum metering blocks with changeable emulsion bleeds & idle feed restrictors.
Power Valve Restrictors allow for infinite tuning and tailoring to any Engine.
Cast Aluminum base plate for strength and durability.
Adjustable accelerator pump.
Stainless Steel throttle plates.
Changeable Emulsion Jets.
Calibrated for gasoline.
Idle Feed Restrictors.
Screw in air bleeds.
Dual fuel inlets.
2 corner idle.